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Welcome to Balanced Healthcare

Cora discovered her love for medicine while studying exercise science and psychology at Colorado College. She went on to earn her postgraduate degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Pacific University in 2007. After obtaining board certification, she spent five years treating a range of acute conditions in the Unity Hospital ER. Over the past nine years Cora has shifted focus to preventive health and managing chronic illness.

After years of seeing upwards of fifty patients each day, she realized traditional medicine was no longer focused on patients. The desire to prioritize each patient and a passion for helping people provided the motivation to create Balanced Healthcare – a concierge medical practice devoted to building authentic relationships based on convenience, accessibility and more one-on-one time with patients. This dedication allows Cora to dig deeper into each patient’s questions, concerns, illness and injury and creates an opportunity to develop each patient’s individualized care plan.


Benefits & Services

After more than 15 years of watching the healthcare system progressively grow complicated and frustrating for both patients and providers, I became passionate about finding a way to recapture the practice of medicine focused solely on patient care.

Flexible Pricing

I will always deliver complete transparency in my practice of medicine and billing. My primary focus is to provide each patient with the appropriate medical recommendations for their individualized healthcare needs at the lowest cost possible. Membership pricing is designed to be affordable and simple.

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Customer testimonials

Here's what our members have had to say:

"Cora was super friendly and extremely knowledgeable...I showed up to Cora's office, and she saw me through the entire appointment."


"Balanced Healthcare has been THE BEST experience I've had when it comes to receiving healthcare."


"Cora puts the 'C' in compassion! This is what healthcare should be like!"


"Thank you Cora for going above and beyond with each visit."


"...a far better experience than any standard doctor's office can give."


"Cora Mattie is the most caring medical professional I've ever worked with!"


"It has been such a game changer to have [Cora] on-demand and have access to her with questions at any time."


"She's always kind and professional and cares to listen and figure out what the root cause of our issues are."


"It feels great knowing I have a Dr. I can trust to call (or text or email) for anything."


"With her I actually feel heard as a patient, and I know exactly what lies ahead, with no surprises."


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