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Primary Care The Way It Should Be.

At Balanced Healthcare we provide primary care that is simple, affordable, and convenient. A no waiting room approach to accessible and personalized care that helps you save money and live a healthier life!

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Welcome to Balanced Healthcare

Cora discovered her love for medicine while studying exercise science and psychology at Colorado College. She went on to earn her postgraduate degree in Physician Associate Studies from Pacific University in 2007. After obtaining board certification, she spent five years treating a range of acute conditions in urgent care and ER medicine in an underserved area of Iowa. Since 2011, Cora has shifted focus to preventive health and managing chronic illness while continuing to utilize her skills and knowledge in acute care.

After years of seeing upwards of fifty patients each day, she realized traditional medicine was no longer focused on patients. The desire to prioritize each patient and a passion for helping people provided the motivation to create Balanced Healthcare – a direct primary care medical practice devoted to building authentic relationships based on convenience, accessibility, and more one-on-one time with patients. This dedication allows Cora to dig deeper into each patient’s questions, concerns, illness, and injury and creates an opportunity to develop each patient’s individualized care plan.


Primary Care Where Patients Come First

comprehensive care

Comprehensive Care with your personal provider

So you never feel rushed.

Transparent monthly billing and wholesale pricing options

No hidden fees - ever!

Appointments when you need them

Same and next day appointments in-person or over or video, so they fit your schedule.

virtual care

Accessible virtual care

After hours, weekend, and holiday care for urgent health concerns.

direct provider access

Direct access to your provider

Call your provider directly on their cell phone and hear back within hours.

nurse icon

Support and guidance

To help navigate the complicated healthcare system.

All of this and more at $0 extra cost.

How Do I Know If Direct Primary Care is Right For Me?

Click here to schedule a call or in-person meet and greet.

Direct Primary Care is healthcare made easy. If you have questions - call us or come in! We'd love to tell you more about us and the practice and get more information about what you, your family, or your small business are looking for from your primary care provider to help you decide if it's the right fit.

I have insurance (this includes Medicare)

The insurance and pharmaceutical companies have taken over the traditional healthcare system and made it increasingly more difficult and frustrating for patients and providers. With Direct Primary Care (DPC), patients and providers can take charge of directing the healthcare plan, so it’s elevated, personalized, and less expensive.

direct primary care for those with insurance

High Quality Care

Longer visits allow you and your provider to spend more time together focused on your individual health and wellness needs.

Convenience and Accessibility

When your practitioner knows you as more than a chart number it's easier to connect when healthcare concerns arise. You can get in touch sooner, get an appointment faster, and save the frustration of typical doctor's offices. With our after-hours virtual care, we can also cut down on urgent care and ER visits.

Lower Costs and No Hidden Fees

Use your insurance when we know they're going to pay and have low-cost and wholesale options when they aren't. You can also use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay the monthly membership.

Memberships between
Per month
No enrollment costs
No cancellation charges
No long-term contract
No hidden fees

I don't have insurance

There is no less expensive way to receive high-level medical care when you don't have insurance.

direct primary care for those without insurance

Affordable and Transparent Costs

Unlimited primary care and urgent care services, no copays, and no additional charges for tests or minor in-office procedures. We will always go over every detail of our membership prices and billing as part of your care plan before you receive services, so you will never get a surprise bill in the mail weeks later.

Catastrophic and Medical Cost Sharing Options

DPC Members get a discount with Sedera Health – a medical cost sharing option to help with major medical expenses. We can also help you navigate traditional insurance high-deductible plans.

Memberships between
Per month
No enrollment costs
No cancellation charges
No long-term contract
No hidden fees

I am a small business owner

High level care to keep employees healthy and happy (and at work being productive) and lower costs for employers.

direct primary care for small business owners

Employee Benefits

Show your employees that you value their health by offering them around the clock care and convenience for preventive, maintenance, and acute medical issues. Having access to their provider through text, phone call, video, or in-person visits means they can receive care anytime from anywhere. Additional corporate education programs, health fairs, and on-site vaccine clinics add extra perks!

Employer Benefits

Have a more competitive advantage when hiring with offering private employee healthcare. Having easy and direct access to DPC providers means employees spend less time taking off work for their doctor’s appointments. Per month costs are significantly lower than traditional insurance-based plans. Plus, keeping employees out of the urgent care and ER means fewer medical claims and lower monthly premiums.

Customized plans
Under $75
Per employee per month
Lower costs
Competitive advantage
Easy appointments
Health education
Start your corporate membership today!
Still have questions?

See our FAQ's page for more answers & support

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