Comprehensive and Low-Cost Healthcare Coverage in Denver at our Direct Primary Care Office!

Balanced Healthcare is a Concierge Direct Primary Care medical provider in Denver that offers comprehensive medical care as an affordable monthly membership. Our team is trained to provide full-scope personalized, customizable care to each patient. We were founded on the belief that healthcare doesn’t need to be complicated, and we are here to simplify it for you!

Benefits & Services

The Benefits of Concierge Direct Primary Care Medicine

Comprehensive Care for acute concerns, health prevention, and health maintenance

Direct access to primary care providers at times that work for you

Personalized care without being rushed through your appointments

Affordable healthcare with no co-pays, deductibles, or annual contract

Same or next day appointment availability for sickness and injury

The Rise of Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine

In recent years we have seen more people receive subpar medical care for no reason other than that our general healthcare system is overwhelmed and under-resourced. Direct Primary Care practices like Balanced Healthcare offer direct access to your healthcare provider so you get more time and more personalized attention from your family practice provider.

Primary and urgent care services

to keep you healthy and happy!

Comprehensive Care:

Longer appointment times that we coordinate with your schedule means you and your provider can spend quality time addressing your health and wellness concerns. With that information we can work together to develop your health plan and achieve your long-term wellness goals.

Women's health

Paps, breast exams, contraception, STIs, menopausal concerns, cancer screenings, skin conditions and screening, weight loss, mental health and more.

Men's health

Testosterone deficiencies, erectile dysfunction, cancer screenings, urinary and prostate disease, STIs, skin conditions and screening, weight loss, mental health and more.

Pediatric health

Well-child checks, immunization guidance, sick and injury care and more.

Coordination of care

Our commitment to be your health and wellness advocate at the foundation of your healthcare team outdoes other medical practices. When your health plan requires other practitioners to join us in your care, we work hard to find in-network or low-cost providers for each of our referrals. We can coordinate introductions and appointment scheduling, and have vetted every one of the specialist on our referral list.

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Annual physical exams and labs/bloodwork

Prevention of chronic illness and disease, management of long-term healthcare concerns or diagnosis, screenings for general wellness and cancers.

Unlimited visits

In-person, on video or a phone call, and unlimited access through text messaging directly to your provider's cell phone for urgent matters outside of normal business hours.

Acute concerns

Extensive evaluation of acute concerns or symptoms, sick and injury care and more.

Low-cost access

Access to low-cost imaging, laboratory testing, and medications.

Primary care

We focus on keeping you healthy and preventing chronic illness and disease. We are also dedicated to thorough and dependable management of things you may already be diagnosed with.

Urgent care

We want to be there when you are sick, injured, or need input and guidance from a medical provider for an urgent concern outside of normal business hours and during holidays. We strive to keep you out of urgent care and ER, so you can avoid long waits, exposures, and extra costs.

Minor procedures

We perform several minor procedures - stitches, flu, IVs, ear wax and toe nail removal, cryotherapy, skin tag removal, and more - at no extra cost to you.

In-office tests

We have many in-office tests to check for things like strep throat, flu, UTIs, and pregnancy at no extra cost to you.

Still have questions?

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